菱垣 貴史 / Takashi Hishigaki

庭や菱垣 代表 / Representative of Niwaya-Hishigaki

1985年生まれ / Born in 1985
徳島県阿南市出身 / Born in Anan-shi, Tokushima
東京都府中市在住 / Live in Fuchu-shi, Tokyo




この度、混乱した道半ばの私を支え、教えを与えてくれる頼もしい仲間と共に”TREE WORKERS TOKYO”という名前のチームを結成しました。一人では出来なかった事が出来るようになり、一人では気付く事が出来なかった危険を回避出来る、そんなチームになれば良いなあと思っています。私たちの持てる技術や経験で、皆様のお役に立てる事があればとても嬉しく思います。


I still clearly remember my first day in the landscaping world, when I was soaking up the sunlight and getting lost in the weeding.
Within a few months of being covered in mud and sore muscles, I was convinced that I would never get tired of this job.
I learned how meaningless such definitions as “indoor person” and “outdoor person” are, which only make me smaller and smaller, and I became a carefree person, thinking that both are fun and that’s all that matters.

I was taught a new technique called tree climbing and was given more opportunities to prune large preserved trees.
I was entrusted with the task of “pruning to preserve the trees,” and I was conflicted because I did not know the answer to the curt instructions that simply stated “basic pruning”.
The best choice I can make for the big tree in front of me that is now lush and green may be to come down and do nothing… What should I do, there are no dead branches… What is the purpose of pruning in the first place?
I think it is because they have not been cared for by anyone for so long that they have grown up to be so healthy and magnificent that they are called “preserved trees”.
I spent many days with a confused mind.

If people are spending time there, we need to have a dialogue about the future of trees.
They may maintain the size of the tree at the very edge where it is not treated as an obstacle, they may limit themselves to only removing dead branches, they may conclude to do nothing, or sometimes they may cut the tree down.
After having gone through various experiences, I now think that “since no two trees or individuals in the same environment are the same, there may not necessarily be a single answer.
Since there are as many options as there are people and trees, even if it is the same “basic pruning”, it is more important to be able to adapt oneself to all options than to have one’s own professional style, which is an important skill to have in order to live with trees.

I have formed a team named “TREE WORKERS TOKYO” with my friends who support and teach me in the midst of my confusing path.
I hope that we can become a team that can do things that we could not do alone and avoid dangers that we could not recognize on our own.
We are very happy to be of service to you with our skills and experience.

所有資格一覧 / List of Qualifications